Things to Forget / A Journal of Sorts / 6.14.15

I’m the sentimental type.

I long for a life full of memories.

I long for a wall of pictures of my favorite things.

I long for films casting everyone I have loved and perhaps lost.

I long for a life full of poetry,

I long for long walks in the garden,

And Earl Gray tea at 2 am.

I long for a book of all the dreams I remember

I long for nights filled with laughter,

and the practice of appreciating the night sky.

I dream of watching clouds,

and rolling down grassy hills. 

Pages of pressed flowers from passing springs.

I dream of stories and books I’ve never read.

Of art I’ve never made. 

Journals filled to the brim with quotes and verses

Days of unbelievable significance

things to laugh over

and things to remember.

Days of beautiful struggle

Poetic sadness

and things to forget. 

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