Your Path / A Journal of Sorts / 11.9.17

your path is a lonely one, a narrow one, a long one.

But I will promise to try and remember how kind you are, and how sweet your favor is.

I will do my best to remember you.

And if it comes to a choice, I will choose you. Because I am strong enough to. 

I will choose your ways compared to the ways of the world. 

I will choose your promises and your consequences.

And, if it is what you want, I will walk the lonely path of righteousness all my days, 

It is so much better to choose your direction than dwell on the dreams of flesh and blood.

Everyone forgets, no one remembers, but I will remember, though it is a road long forgotten.

Your Path is lonely, narrow, and deep

But I know I’ll find my way

Cuz’ I’ve got you in my heart to keep

And there you’ll always stay

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